Monday, July 20, 2009

Globe Run for Home

I was really excited about joining this race for one particular reason, and that is the ability to analyze your run accurately through the use of the timing chip. Me and my wife were registered to run the 10K category. True to what Globe said, there were plenty of runners who joined the event. There were 6000 runners according to Globe.

Before the race, I remembered the story of Eric Lidell, and I got reminded of what the Bible says:

"So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God." - 1 Cor 10:21

So I prayed and told God that I'm offering Him this race. And I knew that if I did my best with whatever God has given us, then He is glorified by it.

I lined up in front of the starting line and chatted with some people I knew including Pastor Junn.

When the gun started I paced a 4 minute / km pace until the 3rd kilometer. Then I slowed down a bit and my pace played around between 4:18 and 4:25 throughout the whole course. Heading back I saw my wife and she was encouraging me throughout the run. At kilometer 7, I was dead tired. So before the buendia fly over assault I walked as I drank 100 plus until my heart rate subsided. Then I made the final assault, hanged on and didn't mind my heart rate monitor because I knew it was over shooting. The next thing I knew, I was 500 meters away from the finish line. According to a running magazine I read before, if you can still do an all out speed to the finish line, its likely you didn't do your best. But no... I was trying to sprint and my speed went only as fast as 4:00 min/km on the last hundred meter.

I clocked 43:42. I did my best for the Lord and thats what counts. I might not be as fast as the elite runners, be he gave me the legs to run. I gave my best for Him because in the first place, He gave His best for me. Thank you Jesus.

These are the things I liked about the race:
1.) They used the timing chip so that you can analyze the run
2.) There were ample supply of 100 plus
3.) The weather cooperated
4.) Lots of food stalls at the race area. My wife particularly liked the Puto Bumbong.
5.) Free photo vendo pics which they say will come out soon.

These are the things that needs to be improved:
1.) I heard there were litters along lawton avenue that were not cleaned up.
2.) The awards weren't given immediately to winners. Prizes will have to be claimed at the Globe office.
3.) Frankly I was expectant that the results will be out right after the race. This is because they were using a timing chip technology. Base on my experience, if the race is organized by Finishline, the results are out on the same day at Its kinda ironic that the results took more time to be published than before considering the fact that the timing chip was used.

There may be plenty of contrasting opinions about the race, but for me and my wife, we had a great race. I enjoyed the run, and even if the results aren't out yet, they promised it will be soon.



You seem so relaxed when i saw you running the race.. You make it appear so easy running at 4min/km pace...galing!! what do you eat for breakfast?!! hehe

Neil said...


You are so fast! I can't imagine running at that pace!


run unlimited said...

Fast enough, but I'm sure there's more from you. Congrats! Took your pic after Kalayaan (in my gallery). See you then Taki.

Junn said...

you are super fast bro. after the gun, i never saw you anymore :-) congratulations. God bless.

marga said...

Oh my gulay! You monster!!! Hehe. Nice seeing you and Meng there!!! :)

Nora, the golden girl said...

No wonder we didn't see each other Taki. Mabilis ka pa sa kidlat! How about your wife? What was her time? I was hoping pa naman to run with her. Wala akong kasama.

See you next time. Congratulations on that supersuperfast run.

Tech Spec said...

Ian - Really? but I was huffing and puffing already.

Neil - Thanks bro. Kaya mo din yan noh. Training lang. :)

Vener - Thanks. :) Thanks also for the pic, ill try and get a copy from your gallery.

Pastor Junn - Thanks. But your time was not bad as well. You ranked 47th place and there were 1260 finishers behind you. Congratulations!

Marga - yeah it was nice seeing you too after the run. Teka this friday na ang run radio diba??

Nora - Hi Nora, sayang, if we just saw each other at the starting line nakasama mo yung wife ko. She ran 10K with a time of 1 hour 9 minutes.