Saturday, July 11, 2009

Robinson's Buddy Run

I wasn't able to join the Robinson's Buddy Run last year. But I heard so many good stories about the buddy run last year that me and my office-mate Narod decided to join this one.

The buddy run from its name means running along with a buddy. The rule of the race is simple, and that is to finish the race together with your buddy.

To introduce my buddy, Narod is one of or if not the most athletic persons I know in our office. He swims, plays basketball, runs and pretty much anything involving endorphine intake. He was also a part of UP Los Banos track and field team before, with a 5K PR which I can only dream of achieving. He also happens to be the person available during the evening to join me in runs around Bonifacio Highstreet.

We registered kind of late though, and it was divine intervention that we got the last 10K race packets at Robinson's Place malate. The person behind us unfortunately wasn't able to register because of us.

The Robinson's race was also to be another achievement for my wife who would be teaming up with my brother's girl-friend Lits. It would be her 2nd 10K and would be her 1st for a road race (the first one was on trail).

When the gun sounded we rushed and overtook some runners in front of us. It wasn't too long when we reached the 5K runners. I was counting the number of runners coming back at the turning point and it was evident that we were inside the top 10.

As we finished the race I was so happy to get a loot bag filled with give-aways. True to what they say, Robinson's Buddy Run is the running event with the most give-aways. But the surprise didn't end there. I was sure they were only going to call the top 5. But I was surprised when they began calling the top 10 from the 5K category. I told Narod that if they are going to award the 10K runners, I was sure we will be inside the top 10.

True enough our names got called bagging the 6th spot. And the prize was a bigger bag of grocerry items.

My wife and Lits finished the 10K and it was an amazing experience for them. She was so happy the she kept talking about it during our breakfast at Mc Donalds.

Me and Narod will once again be partnering on the relay run at Ateneo after the Globe's Run for Home.


Nora, the golden girl said...

Taki! Congratulations to you and Narod! Please also extend my congratulations to your wife (whom you incidentally failed to introduce during the Animo Run). Hope we get to be formally introduced this Sunday at the Run for Home.

See you there!

Tech Spec said...

Hi Nora - Thanks. Cge ill see you at Run for Home. My wife will once again run the 10K. :) Lets pray for a good wheather.

ian said...

so, there's another monster runner in the office huh?! hehe..
I was on a dragonboat race so i didn't join this run..
Will mark this on my calendar next year though.. sulit sa freebies..

Tech Spec said...

Ian - yeah sobrang daming freebies. Mark your calendar for next year. Btw, did you register for Globe's Run for Home?

Bachwitz said...

I shouldnt be surprised. Specially now that you team up with Superman Narod. :)