Thursday, July 30, 2009

Train to Wake Up

If you are a runner, or someone who's starting to be one, you might have visited several websites, read some magazines, or have asked advises from other veteran runners on how to train to improve your running. You might have already heard about jargons such as speed-work, intervals, fartlek, tempo, LSD and learned how to train using these techniques. Yes all these training tools are important, but there is another form of training that is equally important. That is to train yourself to wake up early so that you can do your run. Yes, you might be scientific with your training, but if you only get to do a good training for once a week because waking up is so difficult, then your not getting any from those.

So how do we do the waking up early training? Well here are 3 very useful drills:

1.) Sleep early. Yes of course. You don't expect to wake up early if you can't sleep early. This means a limited gimmick or TV schedule.
2.) Set your alarm clock and place it away from you where you cannot reach it but you can hear it. I need to be specific here that you should not be able reach it. This is because our tendency is to adjust the time when the alarm rings. So in this case, you will not have any other option but to stand up from bed and stop the alarm.
3.) Wear your running attire before your go to bed. Yes that can be a good motivating factor to wake you up so that you can do your run. The only thing you need to do is to wear your running shoes and you're off.

There you go, the waking up early training.


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Anonymous said...

Taki, nice post. I'm fortunate that the motivation of not running hasn't happened yet but these are good points for a runner.

correrconmigo said...

this is so you.

Keli said...

waking up early enough to run is really one of my problems. sigh. however, i did notice that once i ran or trained long enough (got addicted to running), waking up never became a problem anymore.