Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Run Radio

For the past few years, running as a sport has increasingly become popular among Filipinos, leading to the prevalence of road races around Metro Manila. The aforementioned races have become a congregation of people from all walks of life united in their love for running and their resolution to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle. From elite athletes to weekend warriors, from multisport enthusiasts to the weight-watcher, running has become an integral part in the public's efforts to keep fit.

With running at its peak, the idea for producing a viable medium to promote and sustain the sport's presence in the public eye came, hence the idea to produce Run Radio.

Run Radio will be a 60-minute radio show featuring the following segments that both newbie and serious runners (and to an extent, non-runners too!) would find interesting -- product review, advice segment (docs, coaches, nutritionists), power songs (to pump up your adrenaline as you run!), hitting the wall with our guest runners (from celebrities to running groups), and the 5k challenge where non-runners from all walks of life will transform into a 5k finisher in a matter of 6-8 weeks.

The show will be hosted by Jaymie Pizarro, a known catalyst for influencing people to take up running as a lifestyle choice, and Jay Nacino, a former Ateneo track team member who has rekindled his love for running. Both hosts are known figures in the running circuit through their blogs (http://thebullrunner.com for Pizarro and http://prometheuscometh.wordpress.com for Nacino) where they give detailed accounts of their training, their races, and running in general.

Also to be featured in the nutrition, coaching, and injury prevention segment would be premiere race organizer and running coach Rio dela Cruz, nutritionist and triathlete Dr. George Bodegon, and ultramarathoner and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Paolo Punsalan. They are among the many other experts who will give the running public advice on how to keep healthy while training for higher mileage.

Moreover, our resident product tester would be shoe expert and ultramarathoner Hector Yuzon, founder of the Second Wind running store.

The Nike+ 5K Challenge aims to dare non-runners to make running an integral part of their lives. For this season, our challenger is an MBA student who seeks to combat the unhealthy , sedentary lifestyle. Ten Outstanding Young Students awardee and Ateneo de Manila batch valedictorian Patrick Echevarria will be trained by the Nike Running Clinic for eight weeks until he starts running his first 5k race.

Run Radio will start airing on July 24 at NU 107, and will continue to air every Fridays, 9-10pm.

Run Radio is made possible by Nike, Print Avenue, Botak, Finishline.ph, Pinoy Ultra Runners, Second Wind Running Store, and RUNNR.

For the latest updates please visit http://www.nu107fm.com/profile/runradio


ian said...

i'll surely be tuning in to this. Can't wait for the pilot episode.
Hope they feature you as guest on the program so you can share the secrets on your fast pace running... hehe..

Tech Spec said...

Ian - nye, im not that fast noh... Pero nice idea to interview fast guys like Vertek or Sabal so that we can get tips from them. Bro whats your race this weekend?

marga said...

bro, thanks for promoting! :) :) :)

and yes, taki will be onboard one of these days. hahaha