Thursday, January 31, 2008

What Running Shoes do you Wear?

Running is probably one, or if not the most inexpensive sport I know (next to chess probably). However, if you are gonna spend something for running, then the single most important equipment any runner should have is a good pair of running shoes. So I decided to introduce the shoes I'm using everytime I go out and run.

The very first running shoe that I had was a Fila Marathon. It was also the cheapest running shoe I bought for just a thousand pesos. I'm not even sure if they are still selling this shoe. I couldn't find it in the internet either. What made me buy the shoe was its weight. Its probably the lightest running shoe I got. The drawback though is that it has less support and cushioning. I've only run with this shoe for 5KM straight. I don't plan on using this shoe for runs longer than 5K.

Just to complement the Fila Marathon, I bought a white Adidas Response, which was my first cushioned running shoe. It had a Lite Sole Eva (I'm not sure what particular Adidas Technology this is, but it has good cushioning). I prefered this shoe over the Fila Marathon primarily of the support and cushioning it gives to my feet. The problem with this shoe was it was a lot heavier than my previous Fila Marathon. But this shoe gave me some memorable PRs such as that of the Clark New Balance 10K race were I clocked 50 minutes.

The next shoe that I bought was an Asics Gel Equation. The reason was it was on sale and for 3K pesos, I'd be using an Asics shoe. They said Asics Gel technology are great. I had a bad experience though with this shoe. I looked at the internet and I saw the review that it was designed for supinators, which I'm not. I also noticed that my feet is slightly twisted which gives me knee pains everytime I used it. I've already bought the shoe though, and the damage has been done, so it just remained the Asics Gel walking shoe.

Due to a bad experience with the Asics Gel Equation, I decided to make sure that the next shoe that Id buy should have a decent review at Runner's World ( So, I looked at the Editor's Choice list and I stumbled upon the New Balance 902 (orange shoe in the picture). I called up new balance, and I was blessed to hear that it was on sale. I bought the shoe, and by far, it was the best shoe I've worn, and it has broken PRs. It was a lightweight trainer, that utilizes a stability web for support and with very good cushioning. You could go fast and still get all the support and protection your feet needs.

Last Christmas, our company gave us an SM Gift Check. So, I decided to buy my first Trail Running shoe. It was a Merrel Gore-tex Cruise Control. I've already run several kilometers with it, including a run in the beach. It was a very good trail running, and not to mention a potential hiking shoe that I could use in future climbs.

After hundreds of kilometers running with my favorite New Balance 902, I've seen the sole get worn out, so I decided to buy a new pair of shoe that would be great as replacement for my 902. And again, it was New Balance. I bought the New Balance 825(white shoe in the picture) for only 2K pesos at Planet Sports Rockwell. Surprisingly, they are selling NB shoes with 50% discount. And many of the shoes had good runners world reviews. Not to mention some are even tagged as Editor's Choice. Can you imagine buying a runners world editor's choice for only 2K? Well its true. You just need to make sure they have the right size for you. I had no regret with the 825 because it feels like the 902 and its also a lightweight trainer.

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