Thursday, February 14, 2008

Marathon Training Updates

As Feb 24 nears (my first 42K Marathon), there are butterflies in my stomach. Racing 10Ks is much different than racing a marathon. To run one whole marathon is almost equivalent to not eating for two days in terms of calories burned. But what scares me the most is not the amount of calories to burn, but rather the amount of impact you do to your feet. Its basically pounding hundreds of pounds for hours. This is the type of stress that retires many runners because of major injuries. But I've made up my mind. Ill be running a marathon this Feb.

It has been a taper period already so this week is quite light in terms of mileage, but not necessarily easy. So what was my running plan this week? Well its straight tempo workouts from tuesday to saturday at distances 5K to 6K followed by a 16K long run on Sunday. I've already ran last tuesday until today at 4:40min per kilometer pace for each 6Ks (approximately 23 minutes for 5KM). So tomorrow would be my last tempo for the week. Many would probably ask how would a tempo run for 6K help me in my marathon goal when they are so short? Well, honestly speaking I'm not sure. Except that I feel I needed to keep my fitness elevated in the last 2 week with less chance of getting injuries by removing very very long runs in the middle of the week and very very fast speedworks. So its almost all tempos for me, but of course, I still need that 1 long run on Sunday.

But training alone isn't enough. I needed a clear cut strategy on hyrdration and mental motivation come Feb 24. So whats the strategy? Well heres my list

1.) After 10K drink water
2.) After 21K power gel
3.) 21K onwards, power gel and water as necessary.
4.) Stick with my pacing partner Glen.
5.) My watch does not tell a lie, so stick with that pace and remind Glen to stick with it also. If tempted to increase the pace, we need to slow down.
6.) Its okay to walk for a minute or 2, but please not more than that or else i might be tempted to ride a taxi cab.
7.) If possible, try getting the sub 4 hours goal time. If not possible, then there is always a Milo Marathon this August.
8.) Enjoy the scenery. This would be the first time I would be running around the whole Manila!

Alright, thats just about it. Pasig Marathon here I come.


bEnMChAn said...

Best tip I got when I did my 2nd marathon was to walk through the water stations. It'll only take 30secs max. It's important to do this on the early part of the race.

After 30km, it's all heart. Don't think about anything, just focus on the finish.

Goodluck and have a good one mate!

Tech Spec said...

Thanks Ben. I'll definitely do that. Walk to the water station. :)

Jaymie said...

Good luck Taki! Kaya mo yan!

Mike said...

Hey Taks! Good luck! it's amazing that on my first week of marathon training I find the blog of an old friend. I'm running the milo this July.

Mike A.

Tech Spec said...

To those who posted thanks so much. Sorry if I got to check your posts just now.

Ben - your advise has really helped me a lot.

Jaymie - thanks. Pinay in action next week ah... see you and your son there.

Mike - I tried to click the link to your blog but I couldn't get your profile. What's the url of your blog. Thanks.