Monday, January 28, 2008

Who's taking the Pasig Marathon challenge?

The day of the Pasig Marathon is almost near. My problem is, I need more long runs... so the question is, should I do it? Well, it depends with my trial run this sunday. If everything goes well and I complete 35KM long run, then I'll call it a go, otherwise, I really need to consider joining the next marathon. Running a marathon is very risky and I don't want to regret getting a serious injury in a marathon.
How about you? Who's taking the challenge??
To give you an idea what the marathon is all about, watch this video from youtube:


bEnMChAn said...


you will finish it!

I did my first marathon with absolutely no long distance training at all. I encountered cramps just after the 25km mark and limped, jogged, hopped, walked and If I had to, I'd drag or crawl myself to the finish line that day.

But the point is, I did bring myself all the way to the finish line. And so will you mate! It's the experience you are after. Have fun!

Tech Spec said...

Thanks Ben for the encouragement. I really hope so. If there is any race I'm really waiting for, this is it.

bEnMChAn said...

If you want to prepare for your first marathon. try the Milo Manila Elims nalang set on August. at least you have more time to prepare. :)

Tech Spec said...

Hi Ben, hmmm.... thanks for the advice. I could also consider joining this one instead. Ill think about it.