Saturday, January 26, 2008

PSE Bull Run

After my dissapointing walkaton strategy at Clark, 2 weeks after would yet be another race were I would be trying to beat my own PR and hopefully avoiding a middle race walk. Now I made sure I'll be sticking with a pace. Previous PR was 47:30 now to beat the record, I've decided to stick with an approximately 4:30 minutes per kilometer pace throughout the whole race.

I arrived at the Net2 building were I met up with my officemates who would also be joining the race. I met up with Virgo, Narod and his girlfriend Catherine.

Upon arriving to the site, we saw plenty of runners. This looks like by far, the 2nd largest delegate of runner's I've seen next to the Milo marathon. There were PMA delegates, and High School University of Taguid P.E. students(it looks like they brought the whole school)?

Anyway, this race wouldn't be as fun as it was if not for the many people who participated the race.

The 3K runners ran first, followed by 5K then our turn, 10K. When the bell rang, we started running. Glenn, Joy and Regie had decided to run together. I was planning to run with them, not until I realized that they were running at a below 4 pace at the start. I never wanted to repeat my mistake last race at Clark so I told them to go ahead since I had a pace to follow. So the plan was to stick with 4:30. Again, since at the start, most are down hill my pace went for as low as 4:15, but I never became ambitious to try faster than that. So my pace played between 4:15 and 4:30. At the first turn around, I tried to check my heartrate, and my heartrate wasn't shooting up as much as it did at Clark. So again I still maintained my pace. At the last turning point at C5 Heritage, It was a loooong uphill. But still, I knew I still had to maintain my pace. At certain point my pace went as low as 4:45, and a couple of seconds to 5:00, but everytime it did, I tried to push the pace harder. I went closer and closer to the finish line, and I knew it would be another PR.

I reached the finish line at last. I forgot to check my watch not until I was able to give my number at the 10K line. Anyway the time at my watch was 46:18. So maybe its a little bit faster than 46:18. The route though was more than 10K according to my watch, but I turned the autolap setting and my Suunto unofficial 10K time was 44:55. It doesn't matter though, either way, its still a PR for me.

I met up with Virgo and my wife who was able to capture a video of me finishing the race. I have also manage to have a photo taken with Sen. Pia Cayetano. (Dont mind the other people at the pic, it was suppose to be only me, my wife, and ate merlyn when everybody started posing). Now, the next question is, when is the next race, and what's the target time? I'm not yet sure, but it will sure come soon.

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