Monday, January 14, 2008

Clark Internation Marathon 2008

This was one of my highly anticipated race since I really tried to prepare well for this race. Besides, my last race was since the Animo run where I clocked 48 minutes. We arrive just minutes before the gun and I was really nervous. When the gun shot was heard, everybody started running. I started running and saw that I was really running very fast with a pace of around 4 to 4:10 per kilometer. The problem was, I've never tried running at this speed in any races, nor training. So I tried checking how I felt using this pace and thought the pace wasn't as hard as it looks. The pace began slowing to 4:22- 4:30 at the 3K mark. Then 4:45 at the 4k mark. I felt really good running the first 5k with a fast pace. But at the 6KM mark just a kilometer after the turning point, I began to feel fatigue. I saw my pace declince to 5:00 and then to 5:30. I checked my heartrate and now I realized I've been using a heart rate more than I usually use in my tempo runs. I began to be anxious of whether I could even clock a decent time. Now I realized running too fast on the first half is really a bad idea. Now the worst part was about to come. When I saw my heartrate shoot up to 185 I decided to stop. So I began to walk. I was very exhausted, and looked at my watch as my heart rate slowly decline. I began to see other runners getting pass by me. This was the most dissapointing feeling I've ever felt in any race. Then I tried to compose myself. I thought I should at least finish the race running. So I ran a bit then i notice my shoe lace was undone, so again I had to stop and tie my shoe lace. Then I started running again. This last 3K was like the longest run I've ever made, feeling so dissapointed. I made it to the finish line though and clocked 47:30. I looked at the time and I was surprised. I still manage to get a PR with a wrong strategy. But nevertheless, the fact that I walked was for me a complete dissapointment. Ill be skipping the Subic Marathon and train for the BullRun race. This time, I'll make sure ill know my pace, and stick to it, even if its so tempting to sprint the first half of the race.

But after the 10K race, since it was sunday and it was suppose to be our long run, me and my friend Glenn (who clocked 40mins. In the picture) decided to still take another 10k run to complete our long run for the day. It was fun running in the foot steps of the other 42K runners.


bEnMChAn said...

yo taki! It's normal to go through something like that. Good thing you have a very reliable Pace Gadget with you on your runs. When I race It's always a guessing game for me if i'm over exerting way beyond my limits. But hey! That's why I love to race, its the only time where I can get to test my limits. That's why I often stop to puke while on the race or hide after the finish chute to puke. :P

47mins is fast! It took me 5months just to break the 10km 50min time.

Marga said...

Hey taki! Bro you're fast! Sayang I didn't see you! 47 minutes is insane!

Sorry wasn't able to go to Mizuno. I went running with my brother instead. Hehe.

Tech Spec said...

Ben: Thanks. Yeah gadgets have their advantages and disadvantages. Mine sometimes does 2 things: It scares me or it tells me I'm not exerting much effort. At Clark, it really scared me. It was the first time i saw my heartrate shoot up to 185. Btw, I heard Timex are selling heart rate monitors for as low as 3+ K you may want to check them out.

Marga: Ah, perhaps sa next mizuno. Btw Ill be running at the Bull Run this sunday, tatakbo ba kayo?

Jaymie said...

Wow you're fast! I'm sure as you learn more in each race you'll be able to break your PR with the right strategy and, as you like it, without any walking at all. Keep on running and see you again at the races!

You were asking about linking my site? Sure! I've linked you as well.