Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

Its been a while since my last post. It has been a fun and a busy vacation week. It has been a great 2008. There were plenty of races we that we've joined, and it was also the year were we met so many running friends. I hope to see all of you next year and I'm excited for what is to come in this year 2009.

My personal goal about this year is to simply: Keep on running and to love running more.

Anyway I'd like to greet everyone a Happy New Year. I'm sure we'll have a great year this 2009.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Taki!

Nora, the runner for all seasons said...

A joyful and injury-free 2009 to all of us, Taki!

Hope to see you at the PSE Bull Run this Sunday.