Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Men's Health All Terrain

Are you looking for new challenges in your running career? Are you willing to hit the dirt, get all dirty? Then this race is for you. This coming sunday will be the Men's Health All-Terain race. This event is open for both runners and bikers.

[Taken from the Men's Health Website]
The Trail Run

The trail run is one of the things that makes the All-Terrain Race very unique. Instead of running on level roads, runners will be running on gravel, sand, and sloping hills. It’s not your typical running race.
Course Description Approximately 12 kms. The route is a mixture of dirt and gravel roads, singletrack trail and some cement road around Timberland Heights. The course features a lot of climbing, but most of all some spectacular views.
Suggested equipment Trail running shoes, quick-dry clothing, hydration packs (although there will be at least five water stations), caps, sunglasses, sunscreen.
Rules All participants will be released at the same time, regardless of category. The route will be marked using flags, bunting and banners, and directional & timing marshals will be placed along the route as well. Five water stations will be provided where racers can drink or refill their hydration packs and water bottles.

For more info, you could check the Men's Health Website at: http://www.menshealth.com.ph/atr/index.html

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