Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

Last Sunday was father's day and as my first father's day celebration, I would say it was a great celebration for me. I've never enjoyed a weekend so much than last Sunday. So this were the things I did during father's day.

1.) At 4:50 am I was already awake preparing for my 2nd 5K race at the Japan Airlines run at the fort. My knees weren't feeling great but since its a short race I decided to just push through with it. I would actually be running the race number of my friend Glenn since he would running a different event at San Mateo's All Terrain run. When the race started I gave my all for the short 5K. In fact, running a fast 5K felt the same as running a paced 10K. At the last stretch of the race I was huffing and puffing already until I reached the finish line. I practically spent all my energy for the run that I no longer had a final kick at the end. According to my Fort Striders friends who were counting the finishers, I was at 6th place. I couldn't be sure though until I get the race results, but as of now, ill take their word for it. I clocked 20:16. I was hoping to clock a sub 20 minute, but I guess I needed more training. But I'm happy since this was my PR for 5K.

2.) After the race, my wife and daughter followed at Bonifacio High Street where we ate at Pancake House. I also got to play with my daughter along the area. It was probably my happiest moment of the day. I realized my daughter loved being outside and so I told my wife that we'll have breakfast outside during weekends with Meekha.

3.) After reaching home, I still wanted to go to the gym to get some workout so I went to the gym and had my workout.

4.) After the gym, my wife and daugther followed again so we could take lunch at Market Market. We had our lunch at KFC and strolled around the area until 3pm.

5.) At 3pm it was time for our Sunday Service were we get to thank God for the day and get to greet Him a Happy Father's day also. The preacher was Pastor Rober Hern and we came out of the church norished with the word of God.

6.) After that we had a free Father's day photo session at Bonifacio High Street. We also ate merienda at Texas Roadhouse for a bottomless drinks and Nachos.

7.) The dinner was special. We bought some Cali ice from 7 eleven and took out some barbecue and liempo from Reyes Barbecue and had a picnic at home. We placed a banig on top of the carpet and we ate on the floor Kamayan style.


Levy Ang said...

happy fathers day taki! thanks for sharing your fathers day celebration, parang ang dami ngang events that were held that day, i.e. dnd, all-terrain, not to mention yung alabang triathlon din. bilis ng time mo sa 5k, parang lumilipad na yan ha. galing!!!

Tech Spec said...

Hi Levy, thanks.

I got to talk to Norman Pascual, and magkakilala pala kayo. So when's your next race? I'll most probably be running the Mizuno Infinity run part 2. Btw, I just passed by ROX and saw an upcoming duathlon race just in case your interested.

Anonymous said...

i always being with my family also specially when they join me during or after i do the things i love most (running!).

nice post!