Thursday, November 12, 2009

Urbanathlon 2009

If running races has always been your weekly morning ritual and it feels monotonous already, then the Men's Health Urbanathlon 2009 this 22nd of November at McKinley Hill Taguig is what you need.

This race will be extra challenging, but extra fun. I've signed up for the 10K event and this race would be something new. It will not be the usual lung busting running, but the race will test your strength and flexibility.

Since this will be my first Urbanathlon, then it will be very exciting. I saw the obstacles that will be used during the event last night and I should warn runners to be extra careful with their watches and heart rate monitors. I'm thinking of not wearing any gadget during the race.

Anyway I'm inviting you guys to come join me. You can register at RUNNR at Bonifacio High Street.

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correrconmigo said...

Sorry dear. I've already signed up for another race event.