Saturday, November 21, 2009

Race for Shine 15K and Divisoria Day

It was unexpected when Kuya Melvin informed me that they needed a 6min/km pacer for the 15K of the Race for Shine run. I wasn’t aware that there was a race like this on a Saturday so I didn’t intentionally joined that run. However, I was glad that Kuya Melvin informed me that if I was to pace during the event then I’ll get the race packet for free. Since a running event is a good way to motivate you to complete 15K then it was a good deal for me.

Besides, the run is really for a very good cause. It benefits those people who suffered from autism.

Anyway, I had a good run and I made sure I averaged 6min/km. The distance though was kind of short of 700 meters according to my polar watch.

But the calorie burning did not end there. After the race, Meng and I immediately dressed up to head for our Binondo/Divisoria adventure. It has been a year since we visited Divisoria, so here we are again racking up Christmas presents. After a few stroll at Divisoria we headed to Binondo along Ong Pin street where we ate at an eat-all-you-can Chinese resto which was the same resto we visited last year. Of course we also passed by Eng-beetin to buy those tikoys. I have always liked their strawberry flavored tikoys.

When we got home, we weren’t done. We already started wrapping the gifts and placing it under our Christmas tree.

It was a very exhausting but fun filled Saturday.

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hi dear, check out my version of our weekend in Divisoria.