Monday, November 2, 2009

Race for Life 2009 Race Update

It's weird that I will be posting this late. My KOTR 21K experience was so overwhelming that I had to skip the race report for this one in a separate blog entry. But nevertheless I'll still share my experience.

Before my KOTR 21K race, the Saturday of the same weekend, I joined the Race for Life that was sponsored by the Real Life Foundation with the cooperation of our church Every Nation. Although I was all set for the KOTR race, I was not to miss out the opportunity in supporting the scholars of the Real Life Foundation. So as not get myself into further trouble in a grueling 21K the day after, I've registered for the 5K distance.

If the race event can be summarized into one word, then that would be fun. It was a reunion of sorts as I got to meet old friends. I met a former student of mine and a former member of our small group Eric Isaac. We also met up with old friends from our church at Malate.

The race results are out and it can be found at the Real Life Foundation website:

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