Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Training Buddies

Me and Glenn

Me and Reggie (green shorts)

To get a breakthrough with my running I think what I really need right now are friends who can pace with me during my hard runs. Unfortunately for this season, my running buddies are nowhere to find. Or perhaps, I'm the one missing in action.

Due consistent raining and typhoons last month, my sleeping habit kind of side tracked a little bit causing me to train at an irregular time of the day. My training schedule was too late for my running buddies Reggie and Glenn to adjust. Running with Glenn and Reggie has challenged me to go beyond my limit.

Here are a few quotes from my running buddies while doing our speed runs that helped me achieve personal goals in my running.

Quotes from Glenn

- Basta paakyat bibilisan natin, tapos recover tayo pababa.
- Okay lang bumagal huwag ka lang maglalakad.
- Kung nagsisimula ng sumakit, kausapin mo ang binti mo na sa finish line ka na bumigay
- Maintain lang natin ito (this is at a fast pace and 2KM to go!). Walang bibitiw.
- Easy lang tayo ngayon (this often times mean the opposite)
- O bumibilis, bumibilis... (But he ain't slowing)
- Dagdag tayo (are you serious? This is race pace already...)

Quotes from Reggie
- Ayoko na, ayoko na! (But everytime he says that he's picking up speed).
- Naka 10K nako kanina. (And you can still run this fast???)
- Mc Kinley Hill tayo! (No, please not that route. It was our most hilly route)

Because of my running buddies, it's no surprise that my PRs are associated with training with them.

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correrconmigo said...

haha! sakto to...Hindi ko makakalimutan ang una kong takbo sa Clark/Subic ng sinabi ni glenn na bumagal ka na huwag lang maglakad..pero di ko kinaya, napalakad din ako.