Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bake Pork Barbecue after a Run

Just last Saturday, my wife attended a food festival at A. Venue mall and we ended up buying an electronic oven. It included a rotisserie so that you can roast a chicken, bake and broil. Now the question is, what recipes can I cook with it?

It’s a good thing that one particular privilege you get in joining road races is the availability of freebies. I posted long ago about the Buddy Run, and out of the many grocery items we were able to bring home, it included free magazines. No, they aren’t running magazines, but cooking magazines. Yes I am a runner and I love running, but ironically there is also another thing I love doing which somehow is an exact opposite to running – its eating. So yes, I like burning calories by running, and I love gaining them back by eating.

This morning (Monday) since it has been a long time since I last ran, I had my run at the fort, which I only did 7.5 kilometers, went home and started preparing the ingredients for one of the recipe in the Yummy magazine. Of course, I checked out the baked menus for our oven’s christening. I’m not a chef so I just followed the instructions to the book and lo and behold, my first baked Pork Barbecue. We had a great lunch thanks to the magazine’s recipe and our new oven. And perhaps I gained even more than the calories I burned this morning. But hey, I was pretty happy for the success (at least I considered not much burnt pork a success) which was somewhat like finishing a race.

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ian said...

Hey Taki.. Good luck on your new found endeavor... burn the calories... but don't burn the barbecue.. hehe!