Monday, August 31, 2009

The Last Journey of Ninoy (A documentary)

I barely remembered when my grandfather brought me in the middle of the Edsa rally. I heard stories about my mom and dad's experiences during the Marcos regime. Sure I know who Ninoy is. Well I guess every Filipino should, like any other heroes like Andress Bonifacio and Jose Rizal. But, I never did realize the magnitude and impact of his heroism. All I knew was that it was his death that ignited the Filipino people to fight against the Marcos regime. I have also seen and heard many documentaries about martial law. But just this morning, I saw probably the best documentary anyone can put up about Ninoy. There are only two narrators in the entirety of the film - Ninoy and Cory. The documentary was well pieced together that Cory and Ninoy seemed to have been interviewed side by side.

I would definitely recommend this film to any Filipino. The truth is, Ninoy and Cory started the battle, but it isn't over yet. The one word that Ninoy Aquino said that struck me the most was "What can one man do if the Filipino people love their slavery". I think Ninoy wants us to stand and fight for what is right. And apathy is one of the best way to betray what Ninoy and Cory stood for. What can we do? The presidential election is nearing. I am not saying who I'm voting, but whoever he is I'll choose someone who is God fearing, with integrity and character. But in any case I am not going to stand still and say yes to slavery. I'm guarding my one vote, and I'm making sure it gets counted. Perhaps thats the one small thing I can do to give justice to what Ninoy and Cory started for us.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed of watching this documentary so much. Thinking where could I have copy of it.

Tech Spec said...

Hi Jerry, I'm surprised you also got to watch the documentary. I'm glad you got to appreciate it as much as I did. :) I think there are torrent files in the internet where you can download this documentary.

Daphne said...

here's a torrent link for the Ninoy documentary