Sunday, September 20, 2009

Enervon Prime Memo Race

It was quite a while since I tried racing a 5km run. But lately for weeks, since the rain has been terribly disturbing my training, I had zero long runs, and most of my runs would only last 5km. Good thing Memo race fitted well as a tune up race.

Joining Memo race was somehow unintentional. It was my dear wife who suggested joining the race last week after we attended the Mizuno run clinic. And I’m glad I joined it.

The race was organized by Unilab and proceeds would be given to the elderly at Paranaque. Contrary to other races, the distribution of giveaways began even before the race started. There were quite plenty of giveaways, and this did not include the loot bag that was given after the race.

We took a couple of giveaways before we had our bibs checked, and we didn’t have time to do our warm up. I told wifey that I’d be working hard well during the race since I have been training less for the past couple of weeks. So I told her that I wouldn’t be pacing along with her. As the gun sounded I started running the course trying to overtake as many runners us I can. The route was quite familiar, and according to my watch had quite an accurate distance. I finished at 20:04 and received my loot bag after crossing the finish. I saw my auntie Maricar who was there supporting my cousin Eirene who also joined the race. We talked for a while as I was waiting for my wife. After my wife finished the race at a very good time of 30:52, we still tried to get as much giveaways as we can after the race including a Jollibee hamburger. The only thing we skipped due to a very long queue of line was the free photo booth.

Again, if races are organized by Extribe, you can’t go wrong (almost). We had a short and sweet run with plenty of freebies and it pretty much made our day.


trumanian said...

i have high expectations for extribe after they successfully organized the robinson's fit & fun buddy run last july. :) hope they keep their slate clean come NB.

correrconmigo said...

great job unilab. T'was funny how Ms. Tessa Prieto kept mentioning 'the other brand', kasi nga naman :)