Monday, September 14, 2009

My Garmin Died

A very terribe thing happened this morning. To a lot of runners, yes, its a nightmare. My Garmin just died.

Now I've been searching for countless solution in the net. I've tried pressing the lap + mode button simultaneously and then pressing start after a couple of seconds, but to no avail. This is so frustrating.

The weird thing is, when I plug in the computer it says "Charging Complete", and alternates to "Charging in Progress". While plugged, I can turn it on. But when removed from the plug, its dead and I don't have a clue how to turn it on.

Did anyone experienced the same problem?


Natz said...

Hi Taki, that's so sad. What's the total mileage of your Garmin? If it's over 4,000kms it may really be the battery. Time to change to GF310XT?

Tech Spec said...

Hi Natz,

I'm not so sure. I would think I haven't gone that far yet with it since i had it for less than a year.

But ill try and open it tonight and ill see what I can do. I hope it eventually works.

Neil said...

Hi Taki,

Seems like the battery nga. Hopefully you get to fix it. Hope my lasts longer...

Let us know what happens next.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about this Taki. You may wish to try this link

Anonymous said...

taki bro,

can you still upload/download data when it's connected with Training Center? If so, you just might need to get one of those updates at the Garmin website. sana ganun lang nga.


Tech Spec said...

Hey guys, thanks for the help. Very much appreaciated. :) I'm still finding a way how to pry it open. I've tried updating the software and it didn't work. Hopefully I'll find a way.