Monday, May 25, 2009

Pacing for Earth Run

I wasn't aware of the upcoming Earth Run until I walked inside R.O.X. and saw people clamoring for a red gorgeous singlet made by Boon equipment for only 200pesos. I've had so many running singlets, and this one stands out. The Earth Run singlet was so gorgeous, I wouldn't be surprised if people registered only to get a hand of the singlet. I registered myself for the 16K and my wife for the 5K (which she intends to change to 10K after experiencing the TNF 100). I got hold of the blue singlet, while my wife got the red singlet.

This morning, I went to our usual tambayan where I saw kuya Melvin who asked me if I could pace during the Earth Run in exchange for a running singlet.

I said yes to get a red one of my size. Now I'll have blue and red Earth Run singlets. :)

I'll be pacing 5min/km for the 16K category. A 1 hour and 20 minutes work for a free nice red singlet and to shave 1000+ calories from the double Whopper I ate last weekend.

Oh, and if I'm lucky enough to be one of the top 300 to finish 16K I can get the Earth run shirt:


Bro J said...

good deal pre! see you at the race. I'll be a pacer too of Swthrt (Baby) running her first 16K. I hope it's not for free too, hehehe

Tech Spec said...

Bro J - You'll get a free kiss from her. :)

Gingerbreadman said...

Admittedly, I was one of those who registered for the nice-looking singlet. With my supposed out of town gig cancelled,ironically I'll actually be running it. Hope to see you guys there.

Sam the Running Ninja said...

I have the red singlet, sana magpapapalit sken ng blue! I'll run 16k, I'll run on my own comfy pace. First time to run this distance so no pressure, no pressure..heheheeh

The Running Ninja

Tech Spec said...

Gingerbreadman - Now you get to enjoy the race and not just the singlet. :)

Sam - I'll see you this coming Sunday. You've done 21K at Botak so this should be easy for you. :)

Anonymous said...


Wow, 2 singlets! Sana ako din. Was not able to get the blue one. Next time pace mo rin kami. A little slower lang nga. See you!

Anonymous said...

Si Neil nga pala ito. Forgot to put my name. Hehehe. See you.

Tech Spec said...

Hey Neil, san ka na ba ngayon? Anyway kita tayo sa next road race. Tsaka if meron long run kayo na plano let me know.