Tuesday, May 26, 2009

16K Trial Run

It has been a while since I ran longer than 10K and since I've volunteered to pace this Sunday for the Earth Run, I decided to do a trial 16K run with the same speed as to what I'll be pacing this Sunday.

I ran side by side with my running buddy Regie where we started at Bonifacio High Street near Honda. We passed by Mckinley road up to Mabini Road then to TESDA. Then from TESDA we went back to Bayani road and down to Heritage where we took a U-turn at C5. We headed back to Mckinley Road and went down to Mckinley Hills, then back again as we headed back to Bonifacio High Street. We logged 16K as I stopped right after my Garmin hit the 16K marker. We finished the run in 1:19:12 with a pace of 4:57min/km. We pretty much did an accurate pace thanks to my friend Alvin who told me that using the Garmin's average pace is much useful than displaying the eratic pace.

It wasn't a hard run, but it wasn't an easy one either. My average heart rate was in the aerobic zone but it was a beat lower to my anaerobic zone. I never felt this great for months. I'm now putting back base mileages and hopefully be running a half marathon soon. Thanks to my pacing buddy Reggie once again for running beside me this morning.

See you guys at the Earth Run!


Neil said...

Hey Taki,

Nice run. Hopefully, I get to run a 15K/16K soon. Lakas mo talaga!


Tech Spec said...

Kaya mo din yan bro. Konting ensayo lang. :)

Sam the Running Ninja said...

Gosh I wish I have your speed. My target this Sunday for 16k is not go beyond 2hours, happy nko dun.

Sam the Running Ninja

Tech Spec said...

Hi Sam, were you at the Mizuno run clinic last night? I think I saw you there. I knew you looked familiar. I was the one talking to Jason last night.