Sunday, May 24, 2009

TNF 100 Experience - Conquering the trails

It was a weekend experience for our family to spend time at Clark Pampanga. It's all because of one single event called The North Face 100. The race was to be a memorable experience for my wife as much as for me for two reasons. First it was her first 10 kilometer run, and it was her first trail event.

We arrived at the venue around 4:45 am. We saw runner and blogger friends Jerry and Marga. We had our race bib checked and stayed in the car for a short nap after. After being powered up by the short nap we went to the starting line and saw some friends: Jaymie, her husband and Jun.

The first set of runners were the 21K runners. After 10minutes it was our turn. The first 1km of the race was pure road. As we reached the area where we are to go down the sacobia bridge there was a bit of traffic due to the narrow path leading down the bridge. The next set of trail until kilometer 5 was a sandy trail. Some parts of the trail have ankle high flowing water that we needed to pass by. It was at kilometer five were it was inevitable that our shoes and socks were to get wet. After 5 kilometer, we need to hike a little bit up the mountain and run the muddy trail until we reach back the sacobia bridge heading to the finish line. It was an amazing experience for me and my wife. As for how the race was organized it was organized pretty well even if the there were unforseen circumstances that happened the day before the race. Such as the heavy rain that poured and destroyed the water stations. But as far as me and my wife's experience is concerned, there seemed to be ample suply of water and Gatorade.

After the race was also a treat thanks to Ben's PhotoVendo that took very nice pictures of us after the race. There were also lots of supply of gatorade and energy bars.

Now I can't wait for the next TNF100. Where would it be next?


marga said...

taks!!! saya noh? it's my first 10k for the year too. glad meng had fun! shall we see you two at mizuno? :)

Tech Spec said...

Me and Meng are always attending the Mizuno Run clinic. Unfortunately, we will be at Nasugbu around the race date. But this coming week we will be joining two races on weekends: BGC Alleycat race on Saturday and Earth Run on Sunday.

marga said...

aw sayang. i'm racing mizuno and animo naman. kelan ang little girl magsisimula? hehehe

Tech Spec said...

Hi Marga, haha Meekha's doing some sort of training already. Some sprints at the mall.. hehe... When she's not in the stroller she'll run anywhere. :)

Connie said...

hi there. i am from Hong Kong and joined the 50/50 relay race with my friend in 2009. Do you know if there's any official pictures posted on the Internet? It's been a year but i still miss it! Thanks