Sunday, May 31, 2009

Earth Run 2009

I had seconds thoughts leaving the house to go to the race venue since it was raining really hard. I was unsure if the race organizers are planning to cancel the race event. But since I made a promise to kuya Melvin that I'll be assisting in pacing the event, I needed to go to the race venue. I prepared my things and headed to the venue.

I was suprised that amidst the rain, packs of people went to the place. Now it was clear that whatever happens, the race will push through. I got the pace flag, and got myself ready for the start of the race.

When the gun sounded I started running at a comfortable pace just a little bit faster than 5min/km to compensate with the hilly terrains of the course. My friend Teddy tagged along for the first 1 or 2 kilometers. But since he was planning to only do 5:30min/km so he told me to move along. At the 3rd kilometer marker I saw my officemate Narod and his girlfriend.

The road was wet and drizzles of rain was falling, but it was quite a blessing because it made the run a lot more relaxing. The only problem was my shoe was filled with water and it was quite uncomfortable and heavy. But it was a fun experience for me. You don't get to run in the rain that often. :)

I finished the race a little bit faster than the desired pace flag though. I also got a hold of the Earth Run shirt!

To think that the weather did not cooperate, but the organizers were able to pull off a great race.

- Enough water supply
- Clear race direction markers
- Lot of race Marshalls
- Great freebies after the race
- There were race pacers during the race (hehehe i'm one of them)

- There was an incident of Robbery in the area
- All race category all started at the same time that caused some traffic.

But overall the race was really well organized.


Anonymous said...

Hi Taki. Congratulations on the run. Unfortunately, I read what happened on the Happy Feet e-mails. There needs to be steps taken by runners and organizers alike to eliminate the robberies that are happening.

Anyway, hope you're healthy. Please take care and have a good week ahead!

Ian said...

Congrats bro! you're really fast.. i often see you in run events and you'll always be half the course ahead... wish i could run that fast..

Gingerbreadman said...

Nice strong run Taki! Did you run the 16k? If you were at 5:30 pace we were in the same group man, I was at 5:32. :) Congratulations! :)


Tech Spec said...

Wayne - Thanks. I know there are plenty of roberry incidents lately. I hope they get caught.

Ian - Hi Ian thanks. I'm sure in time through proper training you'd be able to reach an even faster pace. It just takes time and training. :)

Luis - Thanks. :) Congratulations also for finsihing the race. I also ran the 16K and it was a great race. :)