Thursday, November 8, 2007

Yesterday's Adventure

I was kinda excited yesterday to join the Mizuno run club after work. It was also the time where I wanted my wife to get to meet different runners from Happy Feet and Fort Striders. One of the things I wanted my wife to do is to run and finish races with me. Unfortunately I had to finish some things at work and I hadn't have enough time to go home, change to my running costume, and join the running clinic.

So what was suppose to be an exercise for me became a mall-walk when my wife wanted to meet me at market market instead so that she can reactivate her Globe account and still get the rebate.

I was relieved after finsihing some office tasks, removed my leather shoes and strapped in my rubber shoes. I decided to pass by Mizuno just to say hi to some runners I know. Was able to say hi to Jaymie from happy feet, introduced me to a guy named Geo (i think thats his name but not sure), Art and William from the fort striders.

Anyway, as I met up with my wife, what was suppose to be a Globe reactivation became much more. Payed 1450 for the total reactivation fees and just in an instant decided to buy the LG KU250 3G phone-kit for approximately 6K for my wife. She has been dreaming for a 3G phone like mine and so I decided to let her have what she wanted. It was a nice phone full of features, and its 3G!!! Unforunately I still can't figure out how to connect the phone to the internet. I'll probably play around with it later at Seattles Best bonifacio highstreet.

Oh... and I just remembered, today is the last day of the urbanathlon registration. Would probably pass by Fitness First to register before going to seattle's best.

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