Monday, November 12, 2007

Got 24th place in New Balance Power Race

Got the New Balance race results and I was suprise to find out that out of the 473 runners I got the 24th place. I never knew I'd be beating my personal record, not also because I was experiencing some pain in my lower back before the race started. This was just my second 10K race and since I lack experience, I never thought I could even place in the top 50. Before the race began I just asked God to give me a good personal record time. And God gave me a really good time to finish 10K in 50minutes and even gave me the 24th place ranking. So I give back the honor to Him and for answering one of my faith goal this year: I asked God to give me good health and sports to like this year. And he did.
Now, I'm also letting my wife experience running. Everytime I run in the morning, she'd always ask how far I ran, and I tell her, I just did a 10k. And she just smiles "ah okay". A no reaction when hearing her husband doing a 10k morning jog. But after bringing her to this Power Race she now knows how far 10k is... hehe.
Anyway just want to share this. Ill be running for the Animo Run this Nov 25 so if anyone is interested to join me, just pm me.

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