Sunday, November 11, 2007

New Balance Power Race

This was my second experience of running a real race. First was the GK Run for Love, and now this. I could say that this race was bigger than Run for Love since Run for Love didn't have any prizes at all, and the really fast runners such as De Asis ran in this event. Before the race began, I was contemplating of just finishing the race in perhaps 59 minutes so as for me not to feel bad. I had a really bad injury in my lower back, and i leterally have some imbalance in my stride because of this injury.

If I run too slow, people will notice my limping stride, and ill definitely feel the pain in each stride, so I had to move faster to make it a little bit unoticeable.

However my friend Glen, one of the really (I mean really) fast runners I know was also injured, but his really into breaking his previous PR of 43minutes in the 10k event?? So this made me motivated.

Anway, again, since it was just my second race, I stood at the back beside my wife. I also hoped that my wife will enjoy the race since it would be her first. The gunshot signalled the start and the race was on! I slowly creeped and overtaked the runners in front of me. After 2KM, I began to see the 25K runners who started 15 minutes earlier. Boy, I felt great overtaking them. However I should'nt be too proud since I'm just running 10K and they were running for 25K!

I found a strategy I could utilize, for uphill ill just run slow pace, and for downhill run a really really fast pace. After the 10K turn around point, I now saw some runners who got passed me on the first 5K, but I was able to slowly overtake them. On the last 2K, I found two runners far away from me, but I thought I can overtake them. I began increasing my pace a bit, and soon I they were inches from me. I overtook both of them. I came to the finish line but I wasn't able to read the clock. But my watch says 48minutes. I forgot to press the watch though at the starting line for a minute or so, so I'm estimating my time was 50minutes. I'm happy with that time since i was able to beat my previous PR from run for love which is 55minutes.

I'll be training for the Animo Run, and aiming to complete it in 48minutes.

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