Sunday, June 21, 2009

Nike Lunar Glide+ Test Run

A number of us runners were invited to run and test Nike's newest running product called the Nike Lunar Glide+. The Nike Lunar Glide+ has the features of Nike Lunar Lite, but has been improved by adding a technology that wasn't present before called the Dynamic Support.

Dynamic support simply means it can dynamically support both a neutral gait and feet that tends to overpronate. Most runners, even those who considered themselves are neutral still tends to overpronate when our feet gets tired. This is where the Nike Lunar Glide+ comes into play and dynamically supports your feet when you begin to overpronate.

We did a couple of loop around Bonifacio High Street and so far it felt really good. I have always been a fan of lightweight trainers, but I was looking for a lightweight training shoe that still gives great support for running long distances, and Nike has given me a Father's day present to test.

It's also a great shoe not only for runners, but also for those who want a casual everyday walking shoe because of the dark sleek design for men.

I'll probably be running tonight to do more tests. Lets see how the shoe helps during a tempo run.


ian said...

great pair of shoes! For a runner of your caliber, i'm sure you can have great runs even on a pair of converse all-stars... :-)

Tech Spec said...

Ian - thanks. :) Although I'm really prone to injuries. I practically experienced all sorts of problem before with my older running shoes so I knew I'm almost always getting shoes that have some cushioning. Btw are you racing the Duathlon at MOA this weekend?

ian said...

I'm not sure yet..although, i'm seriously contemplating about it.
I don't have the bike shoes yet which will sure mean a huge disadvantage.. like it matters.. hehe..

Tech Spec said...

Ian - Okay lang yan bro. May advantage ka naman sa transition. Wala ng palit palit. Bro parang gusto ko din i-try first Duathlon ko. Kaso wala ako ensayo sa bike. Sabi nila mahirap daw magtransition from bike to run. Halos di ka daw makakatakbo.

marga said...

uy bro dua ka pala sa sunday. good luck! di ako sumali, injured na may sakit pa :( nice seeing you more often though! :) kitakits!

Tech Spec said...

Marga - Hi marga, I'm not yet registered at the dua, but I'm really thinking about it. Medyo namamahalan lang ako sa registration. :)