Monday, June 8, 2009

Mizuno Infinity Run 2009

It was a last minute registration for me when I signed up to join the 15K of the Mizuno Infinity Run event. The reason is that I wasn't sure I wanted to race specially when I thought the weather won't cooperate (at which that time I thought it won't). But I decided to join the race anyway.

At the starting line I saw Levy where we had a tiny chat about the upcoming Animo Sprint Tri (I'm still to decide if I'll join this one). I also saw Totoy at the starting line and deep inside my competitive nature wanted to take the challenge of beating him at the race. But I knew for runners with the likes of Totoy would be very hard to beat.

As expected, the race started early. My goal was to maintain a pace of 4:25 for as long as I can throughout the race. The first 10KM was pretty relax, but beyond that point I could feel heaviness in my breathing. So I had to slow down a bit and prepare for the final bridge assault, which to my experience has always been the most dreadful part of any race that includes the Buendia flyover. After conquering the Buendia Fly over I could now see someone far in front wearing a black singlet. I was wondering who could it be, so slowly I tried to increase my pace hoping to reach this runner. As I reached Net One building I was slowly gaining until I was pretty surprised to recognize the runner with the black singlet: It was Totoy! Around 900 meters left to the finish line and there he is. I tried to increase my pace even harder until we got to meet at the road between Serendra and Bonifacio High Street. We were ready to turn left and race to the finish when the marshall told us to still run straight and make another u-turn. Totoy said he was gone, but I was tired also. A few hundred meters to the finish line I was ahead by a couple of meters from Totoy. I thought I could beat him, but the guy had a sprint arsenal left. Totoy won and I was a second or two behind him. I give my congratulations to Totoy Santos, specially for winning his age category. I clocked 1:08:05 according to my Garmin with a total distance of 15.18KM.

I was so glad I joined the race. It was a perfect weather and It was a fantastic race for me. :)

After the race, met up with some friends and had some photo ops. :) Unfortunately, I'm still waiting to grab some of my friends photos. I didn't had any camera with me during the race.

The results are out and I'm happy to be the 20th guy in the list:
Race Results


Anonymous said...

Congrats on a strong finish! Ang lakas mo talga!

Anonymous said...

Taki, congratulations as well on a strong finish. That must have been something (you and Totoy!). He's one good and tough runner. It also means that you're getting stronger.

Take care my friend and have a good week ahead!

Jinoe said...

Taki, I saw you up ahead in the race and it's no a surprise that you are in the top 20. Congrats.

Tech Spec said...

Jay - Thanks man, same to you man. :)

Wayne - Thanks Wayne. Take care too and hopefully you won't experience any more blast incidents. I'm glad though your safe. :)

Jinoe - Thanks Jinoe, congratulations also to you. Btw, I want to meet other folks. Do you guys have any long runs this weekend?

run unltd. said...

That was one fantastic race. Sabi nga ng mizuno, never settle, tingnan mo may tira pa pala si totoy. Bawi sa susunod. Good times, cheers!

Gingerbreadman said...

Congratulations on the top 20 finish Taki, wonderful race! And to go head to head with Totoy, that's something! :) Keep it up and take it easy!


Tech Spec said...

Vener - Thanks. I envy your vacation ah. Sarap.

Luis - Thanks Luis. You had a fantastic race as well as I've read from your post. :)

ian said...

You're on an entirely different league Bro!! Lufet!!

Bro J said...

Wow! what a race. Parang mani lang s'yo yung ganyang face. When i saw last earth run parang ang dali ng ginagawa mo, but for sure di ganun yun, Congrats on a very strong finish!

Anonymous said...

never underestimate THE totoy! haha! you got a great time for a 15k race. congrats bro! ano, milo 42k?


Tech Spec said...

Ian - Di naman bro. Okay pala yung Clark duathlon mo ah. Trail run naman tayo sa Men's Health next week.

Bro J - Thanks bro. :)

Joms - Pag nagrace ka nun baka pang 20 si Totoy at pang 21 ako. Ikaw ang totoong target ng bayan. Ikaw, mag milo ka ba? Di ko pa sure kung mag 42K ako. pero parang gusto ko.