Sunday, January 18, 2009

Anawangin Cove

The Philippines is not called the Pearl of the Orient for nothing. It has many secrets hidden within its 7107 islands. Fortunately, the paradise of Anawangin is but a bus ride away from Manila. When you arrive at Pundaquit, you have two options to get to the paradise. You can rent a boat to bring you there, or you can trek and traverseMt. Pundaquit to reach the destination.

Of course as Adventure seekers, we plan to trek Mt. Pundaquit, reach the summit, and head down towards Anawangin beach. We started our trek around 5am and was able to reach the summit at around 7:30am. After resting, we head down towards Anawangin beach and arrived at around 10am. The whole trek lasted for 5 hours and it was all worth it. This is probably the best way a runner can do his/her cross training.

The adventure didn't end at Anawangin beach. There is also a spring along the area, and there's a tiny mountain where you can trek to get a bird's eye view of the whole beach.

The next day, we opted to go to Capones Island to see the old lighthouse during the time of the Japanese invasion.

I might have missed the PSE Bull Run, but this was really worth it.


Nora, the golden girl said...

Taki, where exactly is Pundaquit? I'd love to go there with my friends!

Do you know Rudy, a 65-yr old runner also a member of Fort Striders? He told me you're running 3k at the PSE Bull Run and I found it hard to believe. You were having the time of your life pala at Pundaquit (which I still don't know where).

I finally ran my first 10K race last Sunday, Taki. Sinabayan ko si Rudy, who served as the 7 min/km pacer. It was a great run 'coz a lot of our runner friends were there to support me. How I wish you were there too. This Sunday, I will be accompanying my 2 kids run/walk 3K at the Happy Run. Hope to see you there!

Awesome pictures, TAki!

Tech Spec said...

Hi Nora - Haha I don't know where kuya Rudy got the idea. Anyway I was suppose to run the Happy Run and had set my alarm clock to 4:30. Unfortunately I was unaware that i've set it to P.M. So there, I woke up 6am and totally missed the race.

I did my own 15K run though in the evening just to compensate. But it wasn't as fun as being at the race itself.

Anonymous said...

Taki, you got nice shots! where is that about?

Anonymous said...

Taki, great photos. I would miss a race for this as well. Take care.

Tech Spec said...

Jerry - Hi jerry Anwanign is at Punaquit in Zambales. Btw better late than never to congratulate you on your great TNF100 finish and for getting 7th place overall. :)

Wayne - Thanks. Next time when you come visit us maybe you could also try going to the place. Hopefully you have more time to go around the beaches here in the Philippines.