Monday, February 16, 2009

My Wife is Running!

It has been awhile since I posted a new topic. I have been in hibernation for too long. And for running, yes I still run, but not as many as I used to.

But probably the best news I have is that my running evangelical job has paid off. I was able to have my wife join me in my training.

For this year, I have re-organized my plan. Aside from just setting goals for myself, I have vowed to help my wife learn the sport of running. But there were several changes that took place. First was I need to dedicate time to pace with her during certain parts of the run. Second was I had to adjust my time with hers. Third, I get to act as coach even if I'm far from being capable. Fourth, I had to tuck in hard runs to at least maintain my fitness level, and the only way to do that is on evenings after work. Yeah its hard work, and there are times that I missed training because of work overtime. But then again, whenever I hear my wife in the morning wanting to run makes me feel I'm doing a great job.


nikea said...

My husband has been into running for almost a decade now and he never got me into running until late last year. What helped me a lot was the program he downloaded "the podrunner interval 9-weeks to 5km" Indeed, in 9weeks I was able to run my 5-km run continuously. Now I can run side by side with him at a pace which is not a drag for him. I am happy for this small accomplishment. Running for couples makes a good spice in a marriage. Keep on running with your wife!

Omar Cruz said...

Congrats Coach/Husband Taki. Naks. :) Kita kits sa Condura. heheh God bless.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Coach Taki. That's great about your wife running!

Hope everything's well with you. Take care and have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the club. All good things in life require some sacrifice. I had to do all that to get Tiffin into running. I sometimes think my wife hold me back. but I have banished that thought and I truly believe that she help me become a better runner.

Regards Mark

Tech Spec said...

Hi Mark - Wow nakakabasa ka pala ng blog.

Nainggit nga ako sa inyo ni Tiffin before. Hehe ngayon may kasama nako. :)

Tech Spec said...

nikea - you know what, its true that to have a hobby with your spose that you enjoy really spices up the relationship. :)

Omar - Yeah see you at condura.

wayne - Thanks wayne. I hope the best for you as well.

marga said...

yehey galing galing! and it was so great to meet your wife at condura!!! :) hope to see more of you two soon!

Tech Spec said...

Marga, oo she's running na. In fact today she wants to run at BHS tonight. One evening join ka sa amin. :)