Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Runs for the Week

Last Sunday and Monday was an absolutely no running day. My concern though for this week is that Ill be out of town again, hiking to Gulugod Baboy Batangas this coming Saturday and Sunday. I will definitely miss my runs again. Hiking would be a good cross training, but to miss another two consecutive runs makes me feel quite uneasy.

So since I only have 4 days to build my training for this week, I've set a mixture of short and long distances with moderate to high intensity levels of training.

Yesterday, I did a short 5K run with an average pace of 4:32min/km. Just this morning, to build up my mileage for the week, I did an easy to moderate run with two of my fort striders buddy (Glen & Reggie) and logged on my Suunto watch 10.88km run around the fort area with an average pace of 4:57. Tomorrow will perhaps be a another 10K run, but with will be logging a harder pace.

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