Monday, April 7, 2008

Baguio Vacation

Its another long weekend and what a great way to spend vacation here at Baguio. Yes, I'm still here at Baguio and today is my 3rd day, and I'm having so much fun. I'm staying at a place called Atenara with my family, my wife's parents and my sister in law. I like the location of Atenara since its near Teacher's Camp Gintong Alay track and field oval. I didn't know this at first until "the bald runner" mentioned about it. So I give thanks to the Bald Runner for helping me find this track and field oval. The place in itself is cozy and honestly, I liked it better than when me and my wife stayed at Manor 3 years ago. Maybe because the place feels so homie.

First we ate at Solibao. A Filipino restaurant along Session road. The restaurant is fine, but not too fantastic. In the afternoon I had the chance to try running near where we're staying. I was planning to do a 5K tempo run, but apparently the hills are too tough for me to do a continuous run at tempo pace. I admit, the hills at Baguio scares me. But I knew I needed to do some training so I had to make use of the hill to my advantage. So I ended up doing 6x200 meter hill repeats at all out pace instead, after giving up running the hills of Baguio after 3 kilometers.

The next morning, before going to a church service at Victory, I tried to look for a good running route. Baguio's roads are really extreme! They are either uphill, or downhill. I ended up reaching session road, and It wasn't a nice place to run because of so many people walking along the place. The funny thing was, I forgot how to go back to our place so I had to ride a taxi just to go back to Atenara. After service we stopped by Camp John Hay and ate at Dencios. We also found at Camp John a place where you could do a slide for your life and rappeling. Tried it with my sister and law, and the experience really made my day. Later in the afternoon, me, my wife and daughter Meekha spent touring around the Botanical Garden, which is just beside Atenara.

Tempo running is probably my favorite workout so I asked the bald runner where I could do a decent Tempo Run at a less hilly location. It was really good to hear a quick reply from him. I was so happy to hear that there was a Track Oval at Teacher's Camp. The Bald Runner saved my day. I had the chance to run at the oval just this early morning. :) At last, at tempo run! I did a 5K tempo run and completed the distance in 21minutes 30secs, and followed by a 2KM cooldown. Later during the day, we went to so many places such as Mines View Park, Baguio SM, and Wright park. So, I would say today was really a great day. I'm looking forward to another adventure tomorrow. More on that in this blog.

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