Monday, October 19, 2009

CWX Tights Review

Since running had become a favorite recreation for many here in the Philippines, a lot of technologies came out from the market. From GPS watches, GPS enabled cell phones, and recovery necklaces and bracelet, now comes a performance booster running tights.

Who said tights are just for women? The CWX tights, which can only be purchases at RUNNR at Bonifacio High Street has been claimed to help boost performance and assist a runner to recover.

I have read several reviews about the CWX tights, and so far, much of them are good feedback. I have been longing to try their tights wondering if it does really do wonders.

So for the first time I used the CWX pro tights and took it for a two 5k run this morning. The first 5K run is a tempo run and the next 5K run would be at moderate intensity. The first 5K will help me evaluate if it does help increase performance, while the second 5K will add strain to my legs as it adds more mileage, and will help me evaluate if it does aid you in recovery.

I ran my usual 5K route and I finished the route with a training time which is quite above my average training time. The time I got in finishing the 5K however wasn't the fastest from my training pace. However I can say that it can be categorized around the top 30% of all my training time 5K distances. So my verdict is not yet that conclusive. I still need to do more tests with the tights. So far though, performance wise, it lived up to my expectations.

I continued running another 5K distance, now at a moderate intensity. I got surprised that my second 5K was just 60 seconds slower than my first 5K distance. This made me wonder if the tights did help in boosting my second 5K at a moderate effort? Again, I still need to do more tests.

Now for the recovery part, after the run, my legs felt fresh. So far as of this writing, I felt I didn't run this morning. This I can say that perhaps the CWX Pro tights did help.

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