Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Condura Run 2009

Last year's Condura 2008 was one of the best race I joined last year. I knew that this year, the Condura race would also be a great event for me. Last year, I paced the 4:30min/km pace in the 10K event. Similarly, this year, I was also to pace, but with a slightly slower and more relax pace of 5:00min/km.

This year though for me was a better experience. For one, its not just an experience for me, but for my wife as well. She also paced during the event with a speed of 7:30min/km. I remember her first 5K which took her 45minutes to complete. Now, she can finish the race in 35 minutes!

The run was smooth and fun. It was a familiar route, and there were literally thousands of runners who joined each event category. On the 10K alone, there were thousands of runners who joined. During the run I bumped into a lot of friends. First was Reva Magno, a triathlete and the girl who won 3rd overall in the 10K. I also saw Leroy who I met during our mountain climb at Mt Malasimbo a couple of weeks ago. I also saw Maricel, one of the fastest female runner I know who was on her way back, but unfortunately was running as a bandit (and I guess was running an effortless training pace). I also bumped into, well, not really a friend, but a celebrity - Rovilson. I tell you, this guy is for real! He is as fit as he looks and he runs really well. Talk about big and fast. On my way back while climbing the fly over, I saw an old college friend Diego. I've been seeing him in races and I would say he has improved a lot (really a lot!). He has improved so much that he even smoked Rovilson. Anyway as I crossed the finish line I looked at my garmin and the distance registered was 10.02 which was very accurate. My finish time was a little bit faster than the desired pace that I was pacing, but it was kinda near.

After the race I got 2 copies of Men's Health Magazine and some freebies. The run was all worth it. Sad though that we need to leave early so I didn't get to congratulate the rest of the 21K finishers.

Btw results are out. You can find them here: Condura 2009 Results


run unltd. said...

Good to meet you at the race Taki, congrats to both of you. See you again.

Tech Spec said...

Hi Vener,

It was nice to see you too after the race. Congratulations for 21K finish!

ton concepcion said...

thanks for joining and for the compliment

see you 2010