Sunday, March 9, 2008

Pinay in Action Family Bonding

The “Pinay in Action” is the first and biggest women’s running event in the country. For some reason, I was excited about this event. This was the Sunday race event where I am not planning to race but am very excited about. It was the race event where I get to bring my whole family including my baby Meekha. My wife and Meekha will join the 1.6KM mother and daughter run. I on the other hand plan to run and tag along with friends who would be running the 10KM event.

As we arrived at the NBC tent, we saw Reva who would be running the 10K event. She asked if I could assist to pace her during her 10K run. Our plan, if possible is to get her a sub 50 minute time. I should say that was the most “showbiz” run I’ve ever joined… hehe… On the 3rd loop, we were already running beside Pia Cayetano, and of course all the camera were on her and all the peeps running beside her. I knew I wasn’t supposed to be there since I’m a guy. Senator Pia asked few guys (including me) to stay far behind while they do a photo shoot. So I had to ease the pace so that Reva could get nice photos running beside Sen. Pia… wohoooh. Those were the good part of the 10K race. Now here comes the bad part. First the 10K event requires everyone to run 4 loops around Serendra and Bonifacio Highstreet, and for any runner, counting the number of loops that you have ran can be confusing, most especially if you are very much concentrated with your run. Yes there were ribbons being distributed. However, the color of the ribbon for each loop are the same. Now the big problem is, the ushers would find it hard to determine the number of loops you have already ran and so they wouldn’t be able to assist you if you already need to head for the finish line. Lucky for us, I was wearing my T3 and so I already know the number of kilometers we were running. Unfortunately, the road toward the finish line was different from the road where we started, and we weren’t aware of this. To cut the long story short, we missed the road to the finish line and after asking an usher were the finish line was, we had to go back and look for it. It probably took minutes to find the finish line which shattered the possibility for the sub 50 minutes goal. We reached the finish line and Reva clocked 51 minutes and 45 secs in my watch. Oh well, things like that really happen to races.

Now, it’s the turn of my wife and Meekha to run their 1.6 km race. They gathered in front beside two women in wheel chairs. Meekha was in a stroller and my wife would be pushing while jogging. The 1.6KM race consists 4 x 400 meter around the loop. I was there taking a phone video of starting gun so Ill be posting this video here in this blog. I was walking/jogging along my wife while she was running around the loop. It was pretty cool to see many people taking pictures of my wife and baby. Hehe… so Pia isn’t just the famous one. My baby got plenty of pics too… hehe. I wish this was televised.

After the run, we went inside NBC tent to get those plenty freebies! We got a month’s supply of Downy and Ariel. We also got other freebies such as Enervon C vitamins, a taste of Herbalife Meal replacement, free Herbalife fitness test, and Nesvita oaths. There were also plenty of booths that sell fitness products.

After a couple of tour inside the NBC tent booths, we head our way to Serendra and we dined at Contis. It was a very nice Sunday where I get to spend quality time with my family. We’ll be attending church in a while and will be thanking God for the wonderful blessing today.

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Marga said...

oh coolness you had your pic taken with noey, ja, and ca! :) the everest girls are dear friends of mine!