Sunday, September 30, 2007

My 6K Rain Jog

Yesterday was really a bad day, but I knew I should'nt miss training to build my endurance. Because of the heavy rain, I already had a 2 days rest, which is good, since I made a 9K jog prior to resting. However, 2 days is long enough for my next training, so I went out at Makati park, even if the floor was so slippery and made 10 laps to according to my suunto footpod has a distance of 6.08K. Completed the distance for approximately 37mins. Was not so impressive since the floor was slippery so I had to slow down a bit. But nevertheless, I had a good work out. My next target is to do a complete 10K jog with probably a 1K tempo run, and hopefully reach my first target in less than an hour. But of course, that all depends on the wheather.

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